Gallup StrengthsFinder Coaching

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Mpowerment  Works is  GALLUP StrengthsFinder Coaching Certified and is offering individual and group StrengthsFinder coaching sessions for clients to understand their strengths, appreciate their talents and   invest in developing themselves to improve personal and group performance. The Clifton StrengthsFinder is an effective instrument for measuring talent that has helped people excel. From top business executives and managers, to sales people, nurses, board members, teachers, students, and others, more than 10 million people have realized the benefits of leading with their strengths.

Strengths-based Coaching sessions will assist you to:

  • Identify your innate top talents and how to use them towards your own success.
  • Understand and appreciate strengths-based development.
  • Give teams a way to identify, discuss, develop, and use each person’s natural potential and power.

Help managers and teams understand, apply, and integrate their strengths into their respective roles and develop effective strategies for improving team performance using strengths-based development.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder is an effective instrument for measuring talent.  It’s a tool that can help people gain awareness of their greatest talents and begin turning them into strengths.  It is a Web-based assessment of normal personality from the perspective of Positive Psychology that  helps people identify their areas of greatest potential.

All individuals will take the StrengthsFinder assessment prior to coaching sessions.

For more information, call Marisa Rivera at 703-999-4122.