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2015 Calendar of Events

January 8-12 Coachella Valley Unified School District (CA) - Family Leadership Institute (FLI) Train the Trainer
January 22-23San Jose Family Leadership Institute (FLI), CA
January 24Coachella Valley Unified School District (CA) - (FLI)
January 24Gallup StrengthsFinder Coaching - Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Gardena, CA
January 31 - February 9Coachella Valley Unified School District(FLI)
March 16-17EDI Hispanic Leadership Program Kick-Off; Seattle, WA;
March 26STEP Ahead, Women in Manufacture Leadership Program; Washington, DC
September 19-20Family Leadership Institute - Ocean Side, CA.
September 24-25Hispanic Women's Corporation - Phoenix, AZ.
September 29Educational Leaders, Strengthfinder Coaching - Marshalltown, Iowa
October 3Youth Leadership & Empowerment Conference - Seminole County, FL